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Every so often a poker book gets written that completely changes the way we play the game. Like Super System, The Theory of Poker, and Harrington on Hold-em, Unleash Your Hidden Poker Memory will change the live game of poker.  

Although the book does have some strategy, the main focus is on unlocking your brain’s existing ability to recall information on your players. Phil Hellmuth Jr. has said that the way you win tournaments is not by getting great hands and being paid off, although that helps. Where you get the most chips in tournaments is on the tough decisions where you know you are ahead or behind by a marginal amount. Unleash Your Hidden Poker Memory gives you the tools to train your brain to remember a vastly superior amount of information when compared to a player who is untrained. Even the big name professional poker players if untrained are at a major disadvantage to you if you are trained and know the game of poker. Hence if you are in the trenches for chips and if you can remember just one extra piece of information to make you fold or call, it makes the difference in the long run for a tournament and will put you in a position to win.  

Unleash Your Hidden Poker Memory uses common memory techniques that have been written about by memory experts such as Harry Lorayne in the real world, and combines them with the poker tracking statistical analysis of the online world. The result was the creation of the world’s first most powerful and revolutionary poker memory system ever created. 

Harry Lorayne has proven time and time again that people with admitted average memories can improve their recall by an incredible amount. For those interested in seeing more I have provided a link and I have also used his techniques and verify that they do work, the videos only work for PC WINDOWS type media. There have been issues trying to pull them up on my iPad.

Poker tracking software was invented not long after the first poker website was created. Initially used for multi-table players, poker tracking software kept track of VPIP, Cbet % just about any statistic you wanted to keep track of. Until today, no one thought you could use VPIP outside of the online world due to the sheer volume of information your brain would have to hold. The average memory retains 7 different pieces of information for 30 seconds making live tracking impossible for the average untrained memory. The systems in this book allow you to train yourself to be able to be a human poker tracking machine, and hold and incredible amount of stats in your head.

In the book you will learn how to:
  - accurately keep track of a full table of players’ VPIP
  - easily get VPIP %
- keep track of CBet % of all players
 - keep track of a list of players exposed hole cards in the position they played them in
- derive your exact mathematical win rate within 2% of your 2 cards vs any 2 random hole cards (Useful when a Player is desparate)
- memorize all 169 starting hole cards in hold-em in order of rank for a full table and Heads up 
- a shuffled deck in sequence
- which cards have been played in other games such as bridge gin rummy and stud
- hand ranges IE 30% VPIP = Top 51 hands = AA-66, Any suited ace, Any suited 8 or higher from king to 9, and any unsuited 10 or higher
- any bluffs or other information from any other text you want to remember for a live game
- Put Pokerstove in your head for hands vs certain hand ranges to give you a 60% minimum win rate

You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook under Bennett Onika. I will try to answer all questions my readers have once the book is released or if I can answer them earlier I will. Until then I will be putting hints as to how I use some of the systems over Twitter.
The edge a player would have if properly trained to do even 3 of the above items would be enormous. The book is now on Amazon, and is available for order. Give yourself the ultimate edge in poker and in other areas of your life, give yourself the power of an awakened powerful recall and order today.
​The story behind the world's first ever poker memory system created that will revolutionize the live game of poker. This book combines the latest in memory techniques in the real world with poker tracking software in the online world to give you the ability to turn your brain into a poker tracking machine!
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